Step by step actions to monetize 
to a multi-million dollar business
I have the actual million dollar formula you need to Monetize Your Business NOW!
The Monetize Me Now Blueprint Formula is an On-Demand Online business course with me, Sandra, your Personal 7-Figure Femtor. 

In this seven-week course, I am going to pour into you everything you need to learn and how you can monetize your business and increase your cash flow.
Here is the only question you need to answer. Do you want to generate more cash with your business? If the answer is YES, order the program.
No One Understands Women And Our Business Struggles Better Than Me
 Do you want to generate more cash with your business? We will tell you all about...
#1 - How to ensure that your cash mission, life mission and your business mission integrate to live a truly fulfilled life where you don’t feel in conflict and guilty with how you spend your time and energy

#2 -  How to combat “Procrastination Station” and be more efficient.

#3 - Effective and proven formulas for marketing your business and growing a ravenous tribe (just one of my specialties).

#4 - How to surround yourself with people who will mentor and femtor you so that you continue to grow yourself while you grow your company.

#5 -How to maximize your greatest revenue-generating activities, so you have more time to spend with family and on the things you love the most. 
Weekly Module
  • Week 1: Mindset
  •  Week 2: Intention
  •  Week 3: Limits
  •  Week 4: Leverage
  •  Week 5: Invest
  •  Week 6: Overcoming
  •  Week 7: Numbers
Glow Movie - Digital Download
Download the digital version of the Glow Project Movie. Orlando Film Festival heralded it as one of the most inspiring movies for women.
"I have no doubt that every woman entrepreneur who uses my Monetize Me Now Blueprint program will benefit from my proven success formula!" 
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